The constructive site for writers and readers.

A big welcome to 'Writers Beginnings'.

The object of this site is to encourage both published authors and potential authors to submit their own short stories, extracts from novels, poetry or verse to this site for appraisal or comments from like-minded people. Also to provide a platform for discussions or ideas relating to stories, poetry and verse.

I also hope peoples visiting this site and will leave comments on the stories and verse they have read. I do hope that any advice given is constructive and well-meaning.

I shall start things off with a short story of my own and a poem I have come across I do not know who wrote it, but, as an ex-soldier, I find it very moving. If the work you are submitting is not your own, please name the author or list it as anonymous.

Politics could be an exciting project to pursue as a writer. See my blog. 

With kind regards

John Blythe