Monty and Jimmy

Enjoying their walk along the beautiful Cornish coast

My following pages

The short factual story, ' The real women's Olympic struggle', I wrote prior to the 2012 London Olympic Games. It was intended to be published in a well known magazine for women. However, they did not use it in the end. 



The poem 'Remembrance Day' is one I came across on the internet I do not know who wrote it so I have labelled it as 'Anonymous'. As an ex-soldier, who does attend Remembrance Day parades, I find it very moving.


It is refreshing when one comes across a novel about a subject that is not much written about. Any ideas?

How about we start a conversation on the rights and wrongs of Brexit, and should we belong to an EU armed forces as many politicians want.

Just email me your interest and I, ll put it on the site if it,s appropriate.